Article @Poynter cites 3 redesigns w/ continuous scroll & claims less bounce ::Hawthorne effect?::

Three major news website redesigns this year look very different but have an important feature in common: articles that seamlessly transition to new content, without requiring readers to click or tap headlines and then wait for new pages to load. This “continuous scroll” strategy for news sites’ article pages is gaining momentum. It’s been adopted

NYT’s ‘I was a digital best seller’ is a cautionary farce about new media, technology & and the ‘Boom’ for writers

Online journalism pays little or nothing and demands round-the-clock feeds. Very few writers or outlets can chase long investigative stories. I also question whether there’s an audience large enough to sustain long-form digital nonfiction, in a world where we’re drowning in bite-size content that’s mostly free and easy to consume. One reason “Boom” sank, I

Data visualization & stat analysis enabling reporting renaissance; news industry might not survive it | FastCo

Is digital data a potential profit stream for the news media? Probably not. Or at least, not yet. Liang Feng, an analyst with the investment research company Morningstar, said the data collected by even the largest and most sophisticated old-media sites, like the New York Times, is less specific, and therefore less valuable to advertisers,