Content Strategist piece re wearable tech begs question: Is it more significant for reporters than consumers?

Robert Hernandez, an associate professor at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism,… is interested in contextual storytelling, which takes advantage of the ability of devices to know the time of day, the user’s location, and, in the case of Google Glass, what the user can see. This will allow reporters to create stories

Understand distinction between an audience & a community ::one’s more valuable journalistically & financially::

Annmarie Dooling, a community strategist who has worked with The Huffington Post, and Yahoo, said that just because a news organization has an audience does not mean it has a community. “An engaged audience and a community are two totally different things,” she said. An engaged audience is “more about one-on-one communication” while a

Journalism-focused crowdfunding site Beacon catching on with news orgs now as well as with solo journos | Digiday

Beacon…has been largely focused on helping solo writers fund their projects since its launch a year ago, it has more recently entered the big leagues, with mainstream outlets like The Huffington Post and popular niche site TechDirt tapping the platform for funding… Nearly 250 writers have signed up for the site since its launch, a big