News via the 5 things people do most on their phones  — chat, email, social, web & games ::well, maybe not games::

6 February 2017 // AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Source // No Comments

Quartz screenshot

“We’ve worked our way through the mobile idiom,” said Kevin Delaney, editor-in-chief and president of Quartz. “So what do people do on their phones? They chat, they email, they use social networks, they play games, and they surf the web to do e-commerce. “Those would probably be the five big categories, so we’ve systematically tried to innovate on the delivery of news for each of those. The one that we haven’t done, and don’t have any concrete plans to do, is games, because there are very few newsgames that are successful and even though I think it’s an interesting area for media companies, it requires a lot more thought.”

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