Audio is the most important part of video, which is why audio producers ideally should lead in editing news experiences

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Audio production

“I’ve found it successful to send out the videographer/photographer with an audio producer,” says Andrew Devigal, former Director of Multimedia at the New York Times, now Chair of Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication. “The audio producer will come back, work as the video editor and also edit images with the photographer. I prefer the videographer/photographer not to be responsible necessarily for editing. That intended disconnect is helpful; photographers tend to be sensitive in the editing suite. Photographers are essential collaborators but shouldn’t be leaders in the editing. Audio is the backbone to multimedia. So, if the audio producer out in the field is also the video editor, it allows for audio to drive the narrative and the visuals to support that. Editing can be more nuanced and less literal. For example, there is no need to repeat something in words or in audio that is on already in the visuals on-screen.”

Read the full piece at WIRED


This source piece is a little dated, yes, but the lesson is well worth noting so, having just found the article, I decided to highlight it anyway.


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