BBC’s hunt for new storytelling formats finds people respond to interaction & up-front info, not ‘atmosphere’ & tease

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“The idea that we could ease people into the story was wrong,” said Tristan Ferne, the lead producer for the BBC’s research and development unit. “People want to know what the story is about before they decide to invest time into it.”

[Among formats that “worked”:]

• The Incremental —  The audience favorite, this choose-your-own-adventure style format… is segmented with options for a video clip, short-, or long-text route for the next segment, or you can skip the next part entirely. “We think it could be a kind of longform by stealth,  a way of engaging people put off by long articles or lots of sidebars and related article links,” wrote Ferne.

• Fast Forward — Scrollable. Video. Synchronized. To. The. Transcript. It’s like subtitles, but actually useful for moving around in the video without missing a segment or nudging your thumb just too far to the right. Skimmable video? Yes please.

Read the full piece at IJNet

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