Survey: Users trust social media as news source | Politico ::most still on computers; mobile percentage up::

17 January 2013 // AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Source // No Comments

The (George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management/ORI) survey finds that nearly two-thirds of voters reported that political information on social media was either higher quality or on par with traditional media outlets. For users younger than 25, 71 percent put the same or greater level of trust in content. Older voters are more skeptical of information shared on social media — with 36 percent calling it less reliable than traditional news sources…

Overwhelmingly, respondents said that they primarily used computers to connect to social media, but tablets and mobile phones saw gains in 2012. Forty-six percent of respondents said they used social networks on their smartphone — up from 37 percent in a survey conducted in 2011. Tablet use jumped to 16 percent — up from 3 percent in 2011.

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