Video is key driver of trust (see report); now THERE’S a strategy, regardless of any biz value to a ‘pivot to video’

1 December 2017 // AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Source // No Comments

Video Trust

If you want people to trust what you say, show, don’t tell. Because television is seen as less open to manipulation compared to text and photos, respondents said that the presence of visuals gives them more confidence that a news report is true. “Usually, the news media can offer images or video or interviews or statements that show what they are reporting or that they are from official sources,” said one respondent in Australia.

Of course, it’s a scarily likely possibility that even this could change as new technology makes it easier to fake video footage as well.

Read the full piece at Nieman Journalism Lab
Read the report itself at Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

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